My hope is to impact my readers.

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My goal is to not only entertain but enlighten — and perhaps inspire some debate.   All my books, including future ones, are intended to get people thinking — to open their minds to what may be, to potential realities they may hot have considered before.  And in the process, see themselves and the world in a better light.  As the saying goes, “If just one person benefits …”

When I decided to write “Escaping the Wheel”

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I first had the idea for the story about ten years ago, and it stayed with me.  And although I’d always dreamed of writing a novel someday, I didn’t have the confidence to think I could actually pull it off, that I could match the high standards of the books I most like to read.  Then one day, about five years later, I figured that if the story would ever be told, I’d have to be the one to do it.  So I gave it a shot.  I spent over four months creating an outline; then three years later…